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Hubble Lithium HV 51.2kWh System

Hubble Lithium

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Hubble Lithium HV 51.2kWh System

This part is made up of the following items:

10 x HUB-51.2-HV-BATT Hubble Lithium 5.12kWh Battery Unit
1 x HUB-51.2-HV-BMS BMU unit for Hubble Lithium 51.2kWh HV
1 x BATTRACK-HUB-51.2-HV Battery Cabinet For Hubble Lithium 51.2kWh HV

The Hubble High Voltage System uses innovative smart technology to bring you an easily upgradeable solution, with an advanced BMU that automatically detects the number of modules connected. It is easy to transport and install with a modular, buildable design that fits into standard server cabinets.

Product Features

  • 1C battery capable of providing a continuous charge/discharge power of 51.2kW.
  • 100% DoD.
  • Intelligent Touch Screen.
  • Wi-Fi enabled cloud monitoring.
  • Parallel – up to 8 stacks giving a total storage capacity of 409.6kW.
  • Rack mount format for ease of installation.
  • Over 6000 cycles at 80% DoD and up to 4000 cycles at 100% DoD.
  • 10-year warranty, 15-year design life for the battery cells.

Compatible Inverter Brand:

Atess HPS30-150 Range.

Please ensure that the battery bank’s power and storage capacity is sufficient for the inverter and installation requirements. This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Shumata Online Store will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.


This is a buy-to-order product, please contact us for pricing and lead times.




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641.51 kg
Battery Type:
Lithium Ion
Nominal Energy:
51200 Wh
Depth of discharge:
100.00 %
512 V
Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use):
51200 W
Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes):
51200 W
Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds):
51200 W
Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes):
51200 W


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