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PROJOY Four Pole DC MCB 63A 1000V Type C 6kA

Projoy Electric

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PROJOY Four Pole DC MCB 63A 1000V Type C 6kA

Introducing the Projoy Double Pole DC MCB 63A 1000V Type C 6kA – a cutting-edge circuit protection solution designed to meet the highest industry standards. This meticulously engineered miniature circuit breaker (MCB) from Projoy ensures reliable and robust performance for your DC electrical systems. Key Features:

  • Double Pole Design: With a double pole configuration, this MCB provides enhanced protection by simultaneously breaking both the positive and negative poles in the event of a fault. This ensures a complete disconnection for increased safety.
  • High Voltage Rating: Boasting a remarkable 1000V DC voltage rating, the Projoy MCB is ideal for applications where a higher voltage is required, providing versatility across a wide range of DC circuits.
  • Type C Performance: The Type C characteristic of this MCB makes it suitable for circuits with moderate inrush currents, making it a perfect fit for applications with equipment such as motors and transformers that may experience higher startup currents.
  • 6kA Breaking Capacity: Projoy’s MCB is equipped with a robust 6kA breaking capacity, ensuring it can handle short-circuit situations effectively and protect your electrical equipment from potential damage.
  • Reliable Build: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Projoy MCB is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Its high-quality materials and construction make it a dependable choice for demanding environments.

Trust in Projoy’s commitment to quality and safety with the Double Pole DC MCB 63A 1000V Type C 6kA. Whether you’re looking to protect solar installations, battery systems, or other DC circuits, this MCB delivers the reliability and performance you need for peace of mind in your electrical infrastructure.

  • Rated current: 63A
  • Rated voltage: 1000Vdc
  • No. of poles: 4
  • Short circuit rating: 6kA
  • Trip curve: C
  • Mounting: Din rail




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