Established in 2005, Ginlong Solis(Stock Code: 300763.SZ) is one of the oldest and largest global string inverter specialists, that manufactures string inverters for converting DC to AC power and interacting with utility grid, which help reduce the carbon footprint of human society. Residential, commercial and utility scale solar market include home owners, business owners, utilities, solar developers and investors benefit from a complete product line of ultra-reliable, bankable, cost effective and innovative string inverter technologies, selling under Ginlong Solis brands. These products are installed globally, optimzied for local markets and serviced by local experienced teams, to deliver significant long-term return on investment for stakeholders and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

Company founder Yiming Wang, a member of the Chinese National Special Experts, supports the countries third batch of “Thousand People Plan” to introduce talent within businesses. The company now has now a leading high-level technical research and development team, many of whom are experts in the field. In the process of R & D and product industrialization, Ginlong already has many domestic and foreign authorised patents along with continually pioneering new technologies and has become the technological pioneer in the industry. Ginlong’s products have been exported to more than 100 countries in the world. The company has been awarded the title of “Top Inverter Brand” by the world famous photovoltaic authority research organization “EuPD” for four consecutive years -2016, 2017, 2018,2019. Ginlong products have been used in high profile locations around the world including the Shanghai Expo, (Shanghai, China) and on the Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) along with other leading domestic and commercial projects.

Ginlong Solis are committed to the idea of sustainability. We sincerely promote and practice the green way of life. We are not here just to promote solar power but also to endorse energy conservation, such that coming generations may have comparatively better lives with abundant clean energy available, as well as most of nature’s bounty that is available to us today. We have set ourselves the task of not only providing our customers solar electricity but also of seeding in them the idea of a green lifestyle. We believe it is our responsibility to protect our mother planet, and as an organisation we work every day towards this goal with conviction.

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